ActiveChat helps companies talk to their customers with automated conversations (smart AI agents and chatbots).

We’re #1 software product in AppSumo history.

And we believe that conversation is the most natural way for humans to communicate with machines. We’d like to see more conversational agents (chatbots) in every possible situation out there, so we created Bot Architect and Bot Integrator — tools to create chatbot scenarios while we do the heavy lifting (natural language understanding, messenger platforms communication, business processes integration, complex analytics, marketing and payments processing etc).

The world is full of chatbots that fail and chatbots that suck. There are tons of bots that may be great toys, but actually bring little or no real value to end-users. We want to change this, so we’d love to help you BUILD BOTS THAT BRING VALUE™

Achieve your business goals with ActiveChat visual chatbot builder — easily and effortlessly.

We are LEGO for chatbots. It’s fun to be creative.

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