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ACVITAS is a privately held software development company founded in December 2005. Started by the company founders working as its only full-time employees, and during the year of 2006 ACVITAS, tripled its staff. During 2006 we also acquired our first long-term software development agreements with clients from the United States and Ukraine.

Today ACVITAS is a team of 14 young, talented and energetic professionals all about of 23−29 years of age with an average of 3−8 years of practical experience. Our office is located in Kiev — the capital of Ukraine. We build upon the outstanding Eastern European pool of software engineers, well-educated and well-trained, focused on science and technology excellence. Combined with our strive to grasp our clients’ business needs, we deliver innovative solutions providing a measurable competitive advantage to our customers.

At ACVITAS we fully recognize all advantages of being a small team. As the result — lack of inertia, solid understanding of software development process together with experience and competence of our team members allow us to distinguish ourselves by being very effective producers of high-quality software and services as well as by our ability to use tomorrow’s newest technologies in the software solutions that we build today.


At ACVITAS we have a simple philosophy: it’s all about converting capital into solutions that work. Our company’s highest priority is to satisfy our customers through constant delivery of valuable software.

In order to follow the above principles — we apply our knowledge and experience as well as use best practices of software development to help our clients achieve their business goals, by engineering value-added software for them.


At ACVITAS we have fully adopted and follow such Agile software development methodologies as Scrum, eXtreme Programming and Agile Unified Process.

The best practices of Scrum (as methodology for the management of software development) and eXtreme Programming (as development methodology) work excellent in most of our small and medium size projects. That is simply the best way to work with our local (Ukraine) customers and those of our remote clients, who do not have a fine grained scope of work with detailed specifications, but still need to keep moving forward in getting software developed for them.

The Agile Unified Process that we mostly use in the development of complex large solutions from scratch works great where our clients use RUP-compliant methodologies. In such projects ACVITAS’ team usually quickly develops system prototype and then keeps updating prototype through a number of development and production iterations in order to finally get a software solution that is ready to go into production.

Key Expertise

Our staff members have proven, relevant experience with the design and implementation of enterprise level information systems, including land-based applications, such as Land Administration Systems, land records and title registration systems, geographical information systems (GIS) (including Internet GIS systems), various customized business automation solutions and document management systems, such as, for example, business automation solution for Credit Unions, Insurance companies.

The areas of our key software development expertise are listed below:
Document Management Systems,
Business Automation Systems,
Land Administration Systems,
Customized GIS solutions and Internet GIS systems,
Development of Web based Applications, and

Data Production and Publication.

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