Adraba 3.7

Adraba is a Professional Software Development Powerhouse.

We are performance driven. Everyone here at Adraba clearly understands what they do, and why. We support our people, we hear them and we invest in them.

We work with our own product and various projects using latest technologies. The main goal for us is to put together talented and committed team. We do our best to create a space, where every team member can not only realize his/her skills, but also acquire precious experience.

Adraba provides with expert consulting, development and infrastructure services. We work on projects of different scales: from websites and mobile apps to enterprise systems and software solutions.

The company started its activities in 2016 and has changed a lot since then. We always try to be more efficient for clients and much more convenient for our team members.

Today Adraba is open for all those who wish to grow in the field of IT.
What can we offer you? — Some important things: comfor workplace, friendly team, constant development and different interesting events.

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Работал год frontend разработчиком. Хорошее расположение офиса и крутой молодой колектив. Встретил огромное количество новых товарищей с которыми продолжаем общаться и после Adraba. Так же огромное спасибо Дмитрию Паламарчуку, который был отличным наставником как в плане проф скилов, так и развития меня как человека. О недостатках не хотелось бы говорить, увидите сами :) А вообще остались приятные воспоминания о работе.

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