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Affise (Performance Marketing Software) is a technology company that focuses on development of high-tech solutions for automating affiliate business.

Our Mission is to Rock Performance Marketing industry!
* We are striving to change the established rules and transform the traditional vision of performance marketing with its somewhat outdated solutions

Leading companies are using Affise for driving their business forward with conversion-based pricing models instead of paying for clicks. Further, Affise has a large number of competitive features:
* Conversion-based pricing plans. It allows our clients to save up to 90% of their costs as we do not charge for clicks.
*Built-in and 3rd party integrated real-time fraud prevention;
Smart targeting with 15+ datapoints (by GEO, country, city, ISP, carrier, OS version, device type);
*CR optimization and AI smart links.
*Offer management (Unique Smart Caps, Bids and Offers Panel together with Flexible pricing model, TrafficBack).
*Affiliates management (Deduction tool, Tags, Groups, Tickets, Billing, News);
Internal team management consisting of onboarding specialist, customer success manager and tech support specialist.
* Real-time statistics with over 50 slices gives you the data you can trust.
* Powerful, feature-rich API for seamless integrations with custom solutions.

By Affise we mean a team of professionals with new perspectives on the industry and a goal to make the life of affiliate marketers much easier. We are staying on the top of modern technologies to be the best in providing our customers with competitive advantages and opportunities to increase their profits.

We have its own culture: smart, self-driving, open-minded and customer-oriented:
* We obsess over customers and industry we are changing.
* We believe that changes help us grow and be open-minded.
* We are constantly learning to become even better specialist in the industry.
* We are obsessed with transparency and openness because those features succeed.
* We initiate communication between each other despite our roles and fears.
* We are performance marketing rockstars. In any meaning.

Welcome to Affise !

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