AKU Technologies

Сайт компании: www.aku-tech.com

AKU Tech is an R&D firm providing Research and Development Services in some areas — wireless signal transmission, data signal processing, digital-to-analog conversion, high-resolution audio/video processing, laser systems, custom instrumentation as well as Electronic Design Services for telecommunication and consumer electronics markets.
We also offer Circuit/Hardware Design, FPGA Design and Software Development Outsourcing Services for our customers worldwide.
AKU Tech consists of talented technical professionals — engineers, researchers and developers who create and design innovative deliverables from scratch. High professional level and performance allows our team to reach the best results in all activities.
We provide our customers with full life-cycle of research and development, prototyping and manufacturing along with supporting of product’s maturing.
We are happy to create State-of-the-Art technologies and deliverables!

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