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AllStars-IT Ukraine ( — is an international offshore staffing company that provides software developers and engineers having a wide practical experience and top-tier academic education.

It is a part of AllStars-IT Group — a leading Israeli software house providing end-to-end services in Software Development and Testing.

We possess over 15 years of a wide experience working with the biggest multinational companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Visa, IBM, SAP, Motorola & many more.

We bring together 800+ highly educated and experienced IT professionals with our Headquarters in Israel and the Offshore Staffing branch in Ukraine.

Within our Ukrainian office we work with:
• Cross-platform Software Development
• DevOps
• QA Automation
• Cyber Services
• Software Testing
• Mobile Development
• Product Engineering

In AllStars-IT Ukraine, we create a unique working atmosphere at our spacious and cutting-edge office at Gulliver Business Center in Kyiv that encourages professional growth, sharing ideas and celebrating mutual achievements.

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It is spread over two floors in Gulliver Business Center positioned close to metro stations and provides easy accessibility to the entire city for the convenience of our employees. It is a high-performance workplace that allows our employees interact with each other, focus and relax at will.
The office is equipped with a massage room, music recording studio, language study space, game room & Sony VR, cinema, bar full of snacks and fresh drinks, lounges where our employees can relax and even a dining room where full time chefs cater to the company’s staffs’ every culinary request. We are a dog-friendly workspace having York dogs moving around the office.

At Allstars-It Ukraine, we build an environment stimulating to grow professionally and personally. We host regular Tech Meetups on various IT topics at our comfor office to allow knowledge share, gaining expertise and accelerating creativity of out IT talent.

We are proud of our team and offer you to become a member of AllStars-IT Ukraine!

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— уроки английского
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— игровые комнаты
— каждый чт собираемся на пиццу и тд
— есть мед. страховка (через пол года работы)
— выделяют деньги для хобби (через пол года работы)

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