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Applicature is a blockchain development agency.

Our cohesive team works on projects in blockchain industry implying development of smart contacts; research, deployment, and customization of blockchain solutions; technical advisory to blockchain companies and technical consultancy on token offerings.

To drive the humanity to benefit from distributed technologies in all areas of life.

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Yulia Vidomenko Business Development and Account Executive

18 января 2018

I had a chance to work with Applicature on several projects and shall admit that it’s a good place for personal development. Challenging projects, innovative domains and top stack give you an opportunity to develop your skills, get experience and become a part of something big.
I was pleasantly surprised about company culture. Applicature offers excellent options for personal development ensuring good working conditions and friendly atmosphere. Considerate and reasonable management, adjusted workflows, wise company policies, regular reviews, mentoring programs, nice healthcare and entertainment bonuses and cosy office make you feel confident about your career.
I highly recommend Applicature for successful candidates. Be sure, you’ll get rewarding opportunities!

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