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Ascendix is a software and services technology company founded in 1996 and based in the U.S. with locations in Dallas (Texas) and Kharkiv (Ukraine). We specialize in building solutions for globally-focused businesses who look to leverage cloud computing, commercial and open-source technologies for big data, search, applications, and cross-platform mobility. We have deep experience in Microsoft Dynamics and CRM platforms, and offer products, services, and productivity modules on both platforms.

Our flagship offering is a globally deployed relationship management platform on Amazon for Commercial Real Estate supporting thousands of users across dozens of countries. The solution comprises a backend built on modern search and NoSQL technologies, supporting desktop and mobile clients built around the most modern UX concepts. The multi-lingual system allows for client configuration and customization and provides interesting integration and customization projects for our services teams. We will look to bring this innovative solution stack to other business domains and segments as we continue to evolve the offering.

Ascendix is constantly striving to grow and evolve our own products and services teams to be increasingly cloud service and platform focused, concentrating on Azure, Amazon and SalesForce as platform providers. We are looking for the right people who can help our company and our clients utilize the latest cloud computing technologies to address current business challenges.

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Ascendix — был для меня одним из лучших мест работы. Супер команда, интересные проекты, непосредственное общение с топ менеджментом. Плюс к этому адекватные перформанс ревью, понятные и хорошо поставленные процессы. Кто ищет компанию с уютной атмосферой и возможностью роста и реализации своих профессиональных навыков — рекомендую Ascendix.

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