Avision Robotics

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AVISION is building a powerful platform that controls communication and navigation of large amount of robots and drones, which perform various real-life tasks. Our team is a member of ETSA (European Training and Simulation Association) and has extensive experience in the development of modeling and simulation software. We’ve created professional military flight simulators, air traffic controls, and command control simulators.

Our hardware and embedded professionals engineered drones and robots for different domains of our life: agriculture, construction, mining and military. We put brains into robots to make them smart and useful. Having a team of mathematicians and engineers with masters and doctorate degrees helps us create sophisticated algorithms and solutions.

AVISION leadership team is comprised of seasoned managers with experience in large corporations and startups. Their visionary minds see the needs for products and services, bridge business and technology, and effectively guide developers and engineers to successfully transform ideas into reality. Our goal is to integrate robotics solutions into real world and improve the quality of our life.

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