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Сайт компанії: www.b2bsoft.com

B2B Soft is an innovative American IT product company with its headquarters in New-York and R&D center in Kiev.
We focus on delivery of point-of-sales solutions for wireless mobile telecommunication networks.

B2B Soft is well known in the wireless/cellular retail sector, where over 700 companies with 10000+ storefronts nationwide maximize their wireless retail operations with our B2B Soft POS (Wireless Standard’s POS) solution.

Large corporate enterprises and small retail operations benefit equally from B2B’s Wireless Standard software platform because it allows them to automate and manage their mission-critical business operations for better back-end support and point-of-sale service.

B2B Soft team is developing and implementing our product for over 17 years.

We are leading company in POS-system American market (more than 15% of American market uses our product on daily base).

We are very glade to share with you about our news and photo-reports via social network: www.linkedin.com/company/b2bsoft

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I started working at B2B Soft 5 months ago, i only have good things to say about the company. When i started i didn’t speak or understand Russian/Ukrainian language, company took a risk hiring me. Since the moment i started everyone has been supportive, welcoming and helpful. Even people who didn’t speak English where trying to understand me as best as they could to help me adjust to the role. I even got promoted despite still not speaking the language. I know i will be working for a long time and build my career with B2B Soft.

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