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We’re building a distributed team here at Basket. You can work from wherever you want. We have team members in Virginia, Texas, New York, Ukraine, and more. The company HQ is in Arlington, VA, and we work to get everyone time together as needed.

With only a few exceptions, you choose your working hours. We ask that you be available for customer meetings when necessary, and work to schedule those at the most convenient times for everyone involved. There will also be occasional team meetings that require your virtual presence, but we always work to schedule those well in advance. We understand the importance of your personal life, including spending time with friends, families, and hobbies. You should feel comfor taking time for the responsibilities and complications life brings without worrying about a timesheet or an impromptu meeting request.

Your health and that of your family plays an essential role in your well-being, so we provide health, vision, and dental insurance to everyone. We’ll also provide you with whatever equipment you need to work effectively. Since we believe you’ll play a key role in Basket’s continued success, we also provide stock options as an additional benefit.

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