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Four offices. 15 nationalities. 80 friends and counting. Club kids. Data nerds. Bouquet designers. Photographers. Calm coders. Crazy designers. At bloomon, we’ve got every personality to match the pace. Spread out across Amsterdam, London, Berlin, and Taiwan, we’re a close group of colleagues. Some of us might not know every little detail about flowers (okay, we’re learning!), but we do have one thing in common: we’re all passionate about what we do. And we can prove it.

At bloomon we assemble our bouquets with unique flowers from all over the world. We believe that diversity creates uniqueness. This is what we translate in our tech team as well. We have a team of unique international developers who are helping us turning the industry on its head.

Anything in our product is based on tech and data. Behind every bunch of flowers there are tons of algorithms, lines of codes, and you may even come across a bug or two.

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