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Blue Carrot is featured among the Top-30 World Video Marketing Companies by WebDesignRankings and is in the Clutch list of top B2B service providers in Ukraine.

At Blue Carrot we help companies communicate with their audience by:
● Creating videos for marketing campaigns.
● Producing learning courses.
● Providing video production outsourcing services.
We help companies to organize their work, develop products, engage people, boost moral, and evoke sympathy.
Since opening our doors in 2014, we’ve set our creative video production apart in a global marketplace, thanks to our talents, technologies and a business-minded approach to art.

We offer:
● American/europe markets and working standards.
● Ability to plan your work in accordance with ROWE principles.
● Possibility for a short-term remote work.
● Possibility to create your own project and to implement it.
● Freedom in means of goal achievement.
● Mentor support during adaptation period.
● Constant english practice.
● All the necessary equipment for work.
● Compensation on professional and english courses.
● Comfor office in the city center.
● Team buildings in mountains, paid vacations, cookies and carrots. :)

Our studio is located in Lviv, Ukraine, where our team of passionate artists tell the stories and craft design solutions that take brands to the world.

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