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BMS Soft was found in 2008 by “BMS consulting” research and software development Department reconstruction.

The core of the company is friendly and qualified team of highly experienced specialists in the informational technologies area that can cope with the most difficult tasks.

Our team has significant experience (more than 8 years) of artificial intelligence development. Research or various scientific methods and algorithms is held in the artificial intelligence development laboratories, the development of such ideas and search of new ways of problem solution are made as well.

Though, the main goal ofour researches is the industrial implementation of our creations to solve out the most difficult tasks concerned with informational technologies. So our specialists developed and implemented very many projects based on artificial intelligence technologies.

Most of our clients are from foreign countries, but over the last couple years home business and public authorities have started paying more attention at the advanced technologies.

Under the modern conditions of sever competition the one who paid much attention at the issues of informatization, data collection and its analysis, prognostication, finding possible risks and their management as well. As you know, the One who has information has the world.

“BMS Soft” company is one of the leaders of advanced scientific methods using to manage prognostication tasks, data analysis and processing. The unique company experience allows successful implementation of progressive informational technologies in different life areas. That is why “BMS Soft” company can be a reliable partner of you business.

BMS Soft provides a wide range of offshore IT outsourcing services for companies that are interested in the decreasing of their product development cost

Our goal is to maintain the entire software development life cycle for our partners, so we offer the following set of services: — Application Development — Software Testing — Application Reengineering — Application Maintenance and Support

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