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Upswot is the white-label loan onboarding platform with adjusted business processes, accurate underwriting & pre-scoring to help the Lenders provide more loans to SME better, faster, and cheaper

Upswot saves days and even weeks for financial analysts, cuts underwriting costs by up to 57%, and increases acceptance rate by 25% by pulling and automatically analysing the data from public registries, and business systems (both cloud and non-cloud on-premise) SME & SE use

On top of that, we provide ongoing tracking of all crucial, positive, and negative events SME & SE face after the loan is approved.

Thus, Lenders get the insights of what their clients need before they come or call to them... or before they go to their competitors

In addition, our technology saves a lot of time for SME & SE by automating reporting to the Lender after the loan is approved

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