Boost Solutions

Boost Solutions — reliable software solutions development company.
We are providing efficient, user-friendly, task-oriented, custom mobile and web solutions to our valued worldwide Customers.

Since the beginning we focus entirely on our respected Customers’ needs and requirements.
With almost 4 years of being present on the world market and several dozens of talented, experienced, inventive and dedicated Team Members, we improve continuously.

In 2015 we started with only 8 people and a small office, today we have a team of over 50+ experts and several branches —Ukraine (Kiev, Uzhhorod, Chernivtsi), Czech Republic and Germany (next one is planned to be opened in US.

150+ successful projects, most of which are international deals (Europe, USA, Israel, Asia, Africa), and keeps growing.

Throughout the years we have grown a strong design portfolio and gained substantial marketing expertise to provide specialized design and promotion services. We are constantly developing our own business solutions and have one of the most advanced Android Wear expertise on the market.

Forget about standard solutions and conservative approaches. We are an innovative and well-coordinated team of skilled, energetic, inspired professionals. Here you will find the best environment for professional growth, trustworthy friends for discussing relevant business issues independently of hierarchy, competent and supportive advisers, opportunities and power to influence the processes.

Few reasons why Customers give a positive feedback about us:
• we are customer-oriented, flexible, open-minded;
• our highly skilled professionals are energetic, hard-working, talented, and creative;
• we use the newest IT technologies, being well-versed in the latest iOS, Android and WEB trends;
• the needs of time-sensitive, corporate and private smartphone users are congenial and evident to us.

Being innovative, we manage our projects in an integrated manner and proficiently. Our software development process is completely transparent to the customers. We always start with a detailed market analysis and studies, realizing the final users’ needs, their priorities, and challenges.

Let’s BOOST with our Team!

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