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We are a family of developers meeting each project as a challenge and every customer as a friend

Business Automatics was founded in 1998 and since then has been successfully helping our partners to advance their businesses. The company specializes in developing web and client-server applications, designing websites and IT consulting. We provide the whole complex of software engineering services and unique IT solutions as well as build dedicated teams for our partners. Having our own developer team, administrators and managers, we aspire to give the fast, effective and optimum solutions, which meet partners’​ needs.

Main domains we have gained expertise in
* Enterprise Management
* Salary Management
* E-Commerce
* Logistics
* Medicine
* Call Center Management
* Marketing
* Statistics

Our team has been building server-client applications integrating additional devices like beacons, RFID, car alarms and many more since the time when IoT was yet to become the mainstream.

Our main technology stacks are .NET and PHP, Angular, jQuery and ExtJS, though we practice a lot of related technologies and are always ready to include a new and cool one in our tool set.

The company is interested in building long-term business relations with customers. The majority of our partners trust us their projects and have stayed with us for years. We believe it to be the best evidence of the professional approach. Our services are a unique combination of over than 19-year experience of design, development, testing and support of IT systems.

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В этой фирме очень развита дедовщина, CEO называет подчинённых муравьями, тимлиду важен не результат, а то насколько тщательно подчиненные вылизывают ему зад, все сотрудники привыкли молчать в тряпочку при разговоре в присутствии начальства.

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