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Cambridge Brain Sciences bridges the gap between cutting edge neuroscience and everyday life. Using our scientifically-validated online tests backed by millions of data sets and hundreds of academic journal articles, we provide cognitive assessment solutions for a wide variety of consumer, academic and corporate uses.

Based on the pioneering work of Dr. Adrian Owen, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience and Imaging (, Cambridge Brain Sciences offers two market-leading online cognitive assessment platforms:

For consumers — allows consumers to evaluate memory, reasoning, attention, planning and problem solving using some of the world’s most scientifically valid tests. Consumers can track scores over time and compare their results against our database of over 5 million data sets. To date, we’ve had well over 1 million people log on to, and are constantly exploring new and better ways to apply our tests to address current questions in the cognitive neurosciences.

For researchers — allows academic and commercial users to design and implement custom cognitive trials using our tests. CBSTrials is a highly affordable, customizable, scientifically valid, scalable and convenient tool for researchers to host trials. Over 300 trials in a variety of settings (universities, major pharmaceutical trials, contract research organizations, start-up businesses) have been run on our platform with more than 50 trials being run right now. To get started with a trial of your own, or to learn more about the CBS Trials platform and our commitment to ongoing research into brain function and cognition.

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