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Have you heard the big news? Effective February 1st, ENAVATE and Celenia will become united as one brand, one company, called ENAVATE! Due to this transition, all social media engagement will migrate to the ENAVATE sites only. We encourage all of our customers to join the ENAVATE conversation on LinkedIn(www.linkedin.com/company/project-ax-llc), Twitter (twitter.com/ENAVATE) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/ENAVATE-792915104121203). We invite you to view our new ENAVATE video — youtu.be/ocCU9g5NKHI

Celenia is one of the few partners receiving strong recommendations from Microsoft. Since 1999, Celenia has been developing solutions for the Dynamics AX, NAV and CRM product suites. This has enabled Celenia to build a close relationship with Microsoft. Our delivery methodology titled “Celenia Global Methodology”, is our competitive advantage in the Dynamics AX marketplace. It encompasses the Microsoft’s implementation Framework, Sure Step.

Celenia has developed expertise in migrating Microsoft Dynamics products to Microsoft’s quality standards. This includes application testing and code development best practices.

Celenia is also heavily involved in Microsoft events such as Microsoft Convergence and AX/NAV Directions on a regular basis. Our consistent participation in multiple Microsoft programs such as TAP, Private Beta, Dynamics R&D Feedback community and Partners Advisory group puts us at the forefront of this robust technology. Especially the Dynamics Rainier Preview program — where Celenia has been accepted as one of just a few large Dynamics AX Microsoft partners in the world to begin early adoption of Dynamics AX 7.0 (Rainier code name), the next version of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Our goal has always been to be a leader in the latest Microsoft platform products as the product changes occur frequently. We always implement and apply the latest Microsoft Dynamics features in any of our projects.

Celenia takes a flexible approach to defining a project model and is developed based on our best practices, a client’s existing working methodology and requirements. Project types include, but are not limited to: large Global ISV and ISV product development, application configuration and complex application development for biggest implementation projects, performance tuning, upgrades, integration, client support.

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