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Мы сообщество разработчиков. Любим писать код и не любим начальников. По этому строим „плоскую” организацию где менеджмента почти нет. Если тебе хочется самому выбирать сколько и над чем работать, напрямую влиять на жизнь проекта и компании, и получать удовольствие от проделанного — присоединяйся!

Community of makers with flat organization structure that strives to provide alternative working environment. We value personal freedom, professional fulfillment and well-being of our members as well as satisfaction of our customers.

We enjoy working with:
* Process automation systems.
* Data processing, analytics, reporting.
* Chat-bots, conversational interfaces.

We support interesting companies with all aspects of utilizing the modern technology to grow and improve their businesses. We help structure and deliver tech projects from A-Z.

In the process we are also building products of our own. They allow us to experiment and to learn stuff, while creating tools that make us more efficient.

We are passionate about technology, data science, efficiency, automation, and organization design.

We like to engage into meaningful work, whiles learning new things and having fun in the process.

How we work:
* Small cross-functional teams.
* Matching projects with interests.
* Focus on joy and fulfillment of everyone involved in the process.
* Freedom to make decisions, to experiment, to make mistakes, and to learn.
* Flexibility to choose when / where / how to get the work done.
* Flat organization structure, freedom of initiative.
* Direct and transparent communication.
* Co-creation, self-organization, and natural self-correction.

We believe that work can and should be meaningful, fulfilling and fun. We are not looking for „the right skills to deliver on our projects”; we are looking for „the right people to join our team”.

We have an office in Kyiv, right next to the National Opera. But you really don’t have to be at the office all the time (or at all) — work from where (and when) you feel most inspired / productive. We are quite flexible!

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