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Based in the US since 2004, Codeminders develops software products for high-tech companies located predominantly in the Silicon Valley of California. While we specialize in a broad range of applications, our primary focus is on modern technologies such as social networks, mobile applications, video conference systems, cloud computing, etc. We have a constantly growing team of top-level specialists with proven ability to professionally design and deliver a diverse spectrum of projects. Codeminders is not a typical outsourcing company. Our clients select us primarily because we master the most challenging and diverse projects delivering them successfully and on schedule.

Some of the benefits of working for Codeminders are:

* Salary based on individual qualifications, experience, and interview results
* Outstanding job stability with great opportunities for professional growth and advancement
* Western management practices
* Prospect of business travel to the US and Europe
* Modern and comfor offices in Kiev within walking distance from „Vasylkivska” subway station
* Great benefits package including training opportunities
* Reimbursement for moving expenses for out-of-town candidates
* Flexible working hours
* Performance bonuses and annual salary reviews
* Choice of desktop or a laptop as a workstation
* Bike-friendly and car-friendly offices

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Ivan M Fontend Develper

30 липня 2016

Рекомендую!. Очень приятные люди, в работе все предусмотренно до мелочей. Про менеджмент уже писали, все же хочу сказать что это у них на высоте. Проекты интерестные зарплата достойная.

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