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Lemon.io is a full-service freelance platform that connects verified Ukrainian developers with clients across the globe.

We know the stories behind failed projects and missed deadlines:

1. You get tired of doing the same routine work
2. Decide to try freelancing
3. Register on one of the most popular freelance marketplaces
4. Never get a project
5. Decide to turn things around and bid the lowest possible price
6. Receive your first project
7. Get demotivated, skip the first deadline, then skip second, and finally, you’re off the platform hiding from a pissed off client

That’s how developers get stuck working on boring projects, glued to the same place, killing their life-work balance and curiosity.

At Lemon, we do things differently.

We offer fixed hourly rates to all of our clients. What does that mean to you as a developer?

— you don’t have to bid lower than inexperienced developers
— no competition with outsourcing agencies and companies
— your assigned project is suited to match your skills and time available
— we take care of marketing, sales, legal arrangements and payments, so you can focus on programming

Our job is to connect those who have freelance gigs with those who need them.

We keep our client-to-freelancer ratio as close to 1:1 as we can, so the freelancers we work with can get as many projects as they can handle.

Want to get in? It’s easy if you belong to the top 4% of developers who can pass our tests.

Before you join our freelance community, you will pass through our screening process:

1. Live interview. We need to make sure you are good at communication. Once you start working on a gig, you will be connected directly to your client.

2. English test. Most of our clients are global. You need to be able to talk to them.

3. Code-quality test or technical interview. Our reputation relies on meeting clients’ expectations. We can’t afford to work with developers who are not able to prove their hard skills.

You feel you’re a match?

Apply here: bit.ly/3eIesZg

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