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We love when innovations become a part of our everyday life; moreover, we love to be the cause; thus, integrating closely with startups, we share our mindset, the infrastructure, the lab specifically tailored for a good innovation to develop rapidly.

We believe that startups community is the most innovative part that changes our life, therefore Crossroad Labs provides the great environment where startupers are connecting with proactive, responsible and creative people(developers, marketing specialists, BA) who are able to turn cool (smart) ideas into finished products ready for exit.

We believe that Functional-Reactive Programming is the future of software development. Therefore Crossroad Labs is the first company in Ukraine which started developing FRP Community and organizing the different events that facilitate this. And even develop own open source startups in this area.

We believe that only free and highly motivated people reach the result. Therefore every team member free on choosing where (center office, at home, in a cafe or on the beach), how and when to work. Everybody is fully engaged and impacts the workflow.

We don’t waste our time monitoring the news on Facebook or playing video games. Why? We’re changing the world. Join us!

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