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Founded in early 2017, taking on the challenge of complex technology provision for medium and large organizations, Slug has gone from strength to strength. With a track record of success including both medium and enterprise level implementations of payment systems, accounting and private CRM provision, we deliver exceptional customer service and outstanding results.

We provide ongoing support to ensure every project is not just perfect on the day it goes live, but provides the services, performance and usability our clients need into the future. Now we are expanding our reach, exploring new markets that can grow our audience and build our brand. With markets such as Upwork in our sights, we are seeking partners who can make full use of our expertise and market insight. Whether we become your regional tech department developing new products for the UA market with an end-to-end solution from design to implementation or guiding the launch of a new business in UA, we provide the complete solution for every situation.

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Перед тем, как пригласить меня на собес мне задали вопрос: «есть ли у меня опыт работы в тестировании соц. сетей?» я ответила, что нет и меня пригласили на собес. На собесе мне отказали из-за того, что у меня нет опыта в тестировании соц. сетей. Отвратительно.

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