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Dreamvention OÜ is a European company with office in Kharkov, Ukraine.

Our company specializes on creating extensions for Opencart CMS. Up to today the company has created over 100 modules, some of them are already well known like Ajax Quick Checkout, Social Login, Visual Designer, Blog module and more.

More then 15 people are working in Dreamvention, including developers, designers, SEO experts and marking experts. Over the last 5 years the company has gathered some of the best know-how in opencart development.

In the core of the company stands the philosophy of creating better products for a better world. Dreamvention strongly believes in Open Source. That is why all the extensions have open code and many of the extensions are provided free and are available on Github.

The company has strictly defined goals:

Create a service that will allow any user both experienced and not so experienced to start their very own e-commerce store online with a click of a button.
Create a full-featured solution for the most commonly created web shops to be installed on the service
Offer full-featured marketing service for promoting webshops.

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