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EMC-2 has been working for over ten years with its Customers on the Italian market, always providing them with tailored and successful solutions. We are proud of the work being done, and our Customers are always satisfied with our expertise and professionalism.

EMC-2 supports the growth of the Companies it works with, providing them with innovative and reliable tools as far as the ICT industry is concerned. Such tools are undoubtedly essential to improve the business efficiency of each Company.

We have always invested in R& D, aiming to excellence as far as the designing, development and integration of software are concerned, with particular emphasis over office automation process. Such approach always has and always will enable us to provide high quality software and ICT consulting services. Each and every one of our experts has gained specific expertise which qualifies them to efficiently develop and support our Customers’ projects, from the planning stage right through to their realization. EMC-2 is constantly looking for new resources, in order to foster mutual growth as well as improving expertise, reliability and innovation, the hallmarks of our Company.

We’re always at your disposal for any information, and our kind and competent staff will be glad to provide you with further details you might need.

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