ENIET Systems

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Eniet Systems is a IT outsourcing company, with the single aim of helping our customers build remote software development teams. The segments that we provide our services to are inclusive of, but not limited to gaming, e-commerce, software development, healthcare, tourism, and banking etc. We do so by delivering to them scalable, flexible and professional remote teams of software developers that are located in Ukraine.

Our nearshore and offshore IT outsourcing services are based on one core offering — Eniet Client Team — also called Client Own Software Development Team — which stands for your IT software development or support team with Eniet, primarily in Eastern Europe. We establish interactive IT software development teams in Ukraine and Belarus to enable our clients to work directly with developers to reach a high level of productivity.

Our skilled HR team finds the best team extension solution for your needs while you stay in control of the costs. Eniet simply invoices you for the employee salary and our service fee. You save 40 to 60 percent of your total budget — even when the economy shifts down all over the world. Thus you have your own in-house IT specialists simply sitting in Ukraine but for a significantly lower cost and less administrative nuisances.

Eniet Client Own Software Development Team Eastern Europe — It is like all working around the same .

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