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Entech is a US based consulting firm with offices in New York City and New Jersey.

Founded in 2006, ENTech Solutions is committed to pioneering the latest technologies and creating innovative solutions for our clients. Our team is made up of highly talented software engineers and project managers. We strive to offer more than just technology services. We are out-of- the-box thinkers who truly enjoy perfecting our craft.
To ensure that our clients receive the utmost quality and consistency in our service, our work is governed by our process, which continues to evolve over the course of completing projects. We are committed to excellent customer service and your 100% satisfaction is our top priority.
ENTech Solutions is an active member of Open Travel Alliance (OTA) and has worked with various OTA specifications including tours, vacation packages, air, car, hotel and rail.
Our Approach

Our approach to executing a project is highly iterative. We recommend a short development and deployment cycle. Our approach is to “build often and ship often.” This approach allows us to deliver a working version of the product quickly to the market to immediately realize the ROI, and then iterate to add more feature sets. This approach also allows us to get feedback from the users on usability of the site and make changes and improvements early in the process as necessary.


We primarily work with Microsoft .Net stack. We have over 10 year experience working with .Net projects and completed hundreds of project successfully.
Software Design and Development

Agile software Development
Continuous Intregration
Unit Testing

Enterprise Applications

Windows Services

Distributed Applications

Web Services

Web Based Applications

ASP.Net WebForms
JQuery UI

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