EOS Data Analytics 4.1

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EOS Data Analytics is a company which provides a unique solution in EO imagery processing and analysis. Automated on-the-fly processing, data agnosticism, ability to use third party data and big amount of self-developed methods grants companies with the incredible competitive advantages.

Today EOS uses a multitude of algorithms to process any kind of imagery for any purpose, so that it can be easily integrated into any third-party application from any industry.

Our team — developers, scientists and successful business people who create, develop and integrate solutions according to customers’ needs and strict requirements. Our main goal is to help businesses around the globe to extract valuable useful information from geospatial’s Satellite imageries, Multispectral images, Drones images. ur solutions, powered by proprietary algorithms, provide users with information in a decision-making form. Our analytics help companies to have the full vision of the current situation and make fast and accurate decisions.

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Проработала в EOS полтора года, если бы не личные обстоятельства, с удовольствием работала б и дальше. К преимуществам компании можно отнести весёлый дружный коллектив, широкие возможности для профессионального развития (горизонтально и вертикального), конкурентный уровень дохода.

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