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Established in 2012, Erbis Cloud Services is UK IT-Services Company with the
development center in Eastern Europe (Ukraine).

Our company consists of experts in the software industry, especially in cloud
computing, enterprise development and outsourcing.

We focus on design and development of turnkey innovative software solutions for
worldwide customers.

We are passionate about creating advanced products and working on complex
projects requiring highly qualified experts and non-standard engineering solutions.
This distinction helps us maintain the unique product development atmosphere in our company.

We have developed systems of any complexity, such as: In-House ERP, Business
Process Management Software, CRM, Accounting Solutions, Online Bookings and Ticketing Service etc.

Our key customers are mostly from Germany, Denmark, UK and the USA. They are
manufacturing, consulting, healthcare and start-up companies.

-Software Development
Full-stack development and maintenance web, mobile, services projects, mainly focused on Java technologies.

-QA & Testing
Test case definition and execution, QA Services and Consulting, Testing Automation.

-UX Design
Usability Consulting, User Interface Design, Prototype Construction.

Definition of technological strategies, functional specification of software solutions, definition of technological architectures, helping establishing development process with several Certified Scrum Masters in the team.

-Support &Delivery
Delivering products we develop to end users, deployment to cloud, providing support and maintaining stability.

We implemented three independent projects from scratch for large businesses in digital printing industry.

-Construction & Architecture
Two of our projects targeting constructional and architectural companies, offering advanced document management, constructional workflows, issue tracking with advanced mobile application and subcontractors and tender management features.

-Health Care & Clinical Research
Three of our customers offer solutions in health care industry with advanced research capabilities and clinics & patient management options.

-Supply Chain & Logistics
One of our major clients has multiple applications gathering and processing huge amount of data related to supply chains, delivery and logistics, providing BigData solutions for their customers.

-Finance & Accounting
We implemented internal ERP system, organizing all aspects of work, starting from an offer to a customer till fine-grained production details and financial flows.

-We are growing
Over the past year our company started cooperation with 5 new clients.

-We care about what we do
We implement software for our customers treating it as if it would our intellectual property. We offer only best solutions to clients.

-Our team consists of professionals only
100% of our developers have Master’s degree in Computer Engineering with 38027 hours in total delivered to clients. Average years of experience per developer in our company is 10+ (proof on request).

-We know how to implement the project starting from the idea
We offer expertise in all engineering aspects. We deliver backend, frontend, architecture, database, design and integrate that altogether.

-We are always in touch
For each project we allocate a special person, which is available during client’s working time.
Nevertheless all of our specialists communicate with our client directly.


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