The mission of Everguard is to make the world’s industrial environments safer with the help of technology solutions, and to drive a paradigm shift in safety from reactive to proactive approaches to reduce the risk of industrial accidents. Backed by one of the world’s leading start-up incubation company and a global industrials conglomerate, Everguard is building a factory safety solution with the help of advanced machine learning and computer vision technologies.
The company is based in Irvine, CA and we are proud that Data Science UA has launched the first R&D center in Ukraine (Kyiv). Our core team is developing the future of industrial safety based on machine learning, computer vision, and IoT and you have a unique possibility to become a part of this.
We want our R&D team to expand that is why we are looking for exceptional computer vision specialists and C++/Python software engineers. If you’re interested in joining our Kyiv team, please let us know about yourself!

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