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Finik.Pro is a software development company of complex banking and multifunctional fintech solutions.


We specialize in developing applications for mobile and online-banking, self-learning chat-bots, banking applications for smartphone, contactless payments based on NFC and QR technologies.

Our mission is to ensure a user-friendly approach in banking services.

The team members combine 20+ years of experience in banking and IT.

Solution added value is a prompt integration with useful business services such as online cash desks, factoring, online accounting, reporting system, electronic documents circulation and many more.

Development and technical support:

The Company constantly monitors and analyzes the needs of target audience. Our qualified R&D division constantly improves the Platform capabilities. Dedicated team provides 24/7 service and technical support of the implemented projects.

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Работаю в компании около 2-х месяцев. Дружественная атмосфера. Развитие существующего проекта, связанного с банковской деятельностью. Бек- и фронт- енд. В проекте не передний край современных технологий, но их стабильные версии.

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