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FlexMade (formerly Flexaspect) is a Software Research and Development Company with headquarters in Seattle, USA, and Sheffield, UK. Our development centers are in 2 offices: Kharkiv, Ukraine, and Krakow, Poland. FlexMade is a team of experienced and talented software developers, QA engineers and project managers.

Our main goal is to provide reliable, scalable and cost-efficient software products to corporate and individual clients from North America, Europe, and Asia. We do it using modern programming technologies, platforms, standards of coding, and, of course, by hiring highly experienced and qualified personnel.

We have 120+ developers in our offices, with five years experience on average. All professionals have a high level of training and qualifications confirmed by diplomas of the leading Ukrainian and Polish universities.

After so many years of experience in the IT market, FlexMade has polished high efficiency of its software development process. At the same time, we offer products and services at a competitive price, as FlexMade has learned how to deliver the best results in a cost-effective way.

FlexMade offers a wide range of IT services:

  • PHP development of web applications (Laravel, YII, CodeIgniter, Phalcon)
  • Microsoft .NET technologies
  • Adobe AEM
  • Frontend and JS development (Angular, Vue.js, Vanilla, Backbone, Ember, jQuery, Prototype, CanJS, LESS, SASS, Bootstrap, Foundation, Initializr)
  • Mobile apps development for iPhone and Android
  • CMS based solutions (Wordpress, Umbraco, AEM)
  • Maintenance of legacy systems, as well as migration to modern platforms
  • eCommerce solutions (Magento, WooCommerce, uCommerce)
  • Cloud-based solutions (Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud)
  • Quality Assurance (test plans creation, automated testing using Selenium etc)

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Ivan Polischuk php developer – FlexMade

26 серпня 2018

Работаю тут более 2х лет.
Есть только положительные впечатления.
Особенно выделить хочу отношение компании к сотрудникам, готовы всегда идти навстречу по любому вопросу.

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