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Since 2001 we have worked as a consulting company to support the implementation of various banking software solutions in over 30 countries. We have supported over 40 clients to improve their business and maximise the benefits of their investment.

The implementation has often led to the development of additional software realised in close co-operation with our clients and partners.

Thanks to their input we have been able to develop a rich portfolio of reusable software solutions, based on their functional requirements, but also focusing on ease of implementation and maintainability.

Over the years, software development has become more and more a dominant part of our business.
Therefore, from September 2017 we have therefore formally shifted our focus into a software company, which is reflected in our new name — GCP Software.

We have selected a limited number of our most innovative and differentiating software solutions as our flagship products to support banks and other financial institutions in their digital transformation.

Our products are designed to make digital banking easier, personal and profi for your customers and you, and are designed with the global market in mind because markets have different stages of maturity when it comes to digital transformation We provide useful tools for banks operating in Asia, Europe, Middle East and South-East Asia.

What will stay in our new market offering are banking knowledge, the close corporation with our clients and partners, and to create optimum solutions with our own software or in combination with others.

Over the past few months we have been working hard to make this happen with our international team and the 40 people at our development centres in Eastern Europe.

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