Go Games

Сайт компанії: www.go-games.org

Go Games is a team of professional on-line game developers specialized in games for social networks and mobile devices, who poses a lot of experience and knowledge in game industry. The company was found in 2008, back in times when we were less communicative spartans with a lot of ideas and even greater ambitions. Our hard work has not gone to waste and we have released a line of successful projects that have become more popular with every new step. Naturally achieved success hasn’t stopped us and we continue to work hard because making games is not just a job and it’s not just a business — it is a way of life. Our main moto is — creating games with soul. Because only when you put a part of your soul into what you do, only then you will get a great result. And our result is happiness of players which they get from playing our games. And not everyone is able to make happy a great amount of people. But we can! And we shall continue to do so!

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