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GoPuff is an on-demand delivery service that supplies its clients with student, office, party and household essentials, snacks, drinks, frozen food, groceries and electronics. This is a mobile convenience store that is always in a pocket. Apart from free Android and iOS apps the service is also available as a website.

The total number of goPuff users is 270 thousand so far. As of today, the website receives about 1,500 requests every minute.

The project offers the following opportunities and challenges:
heavy workload;
large amounts of data;
development of assistant tools;
big scope of tasks (related to the main project and sister projects);
large-scale business tasks;
making long-term decisions in real business;
working with a wide range of time zones.

goPuff has its own CTO, Mr. Sree Kotay, who makes technical decisions and coordinates the development.

Mr. Sree Kotay was Chief Technology Officer of Comcast Cable at Comcast Corporation. Mr. Kotay took on an expanded role, leading Comcast’s software and technology strategy, particularly as it related to new customer-facing products and services, including advanced video and Internet.

To learn more about the project, follow the links:​ganization/gopuff#/entity (Forbes-featured company)

All product development activities are carried out by MLSDev in Ukraine.

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