GoSave, Inc.

Сайт компании: www.gosave.com

GoSave is a free mobile advertising technology that enables app developers with many apps to easily link those apps together, cross-promote users across those apps on a daily basis, and make more money from a user’s lifetime across all apps.

Any developer can integrate our light-weight SDK into their existing Android or iOS app in minutes. Connect, control & view key app metrics from a web dashboard. And let our “SmartCycle” technology target messages on top of the app to users.

The GoSave platform removes the guesswork from user lifetime monetization and helps developers create more sustainable freemium business models so developers can focus on doing what they love: building great content.

Developers improve their existing revenue streams — and keep all the revenue. We share any new revenue generated from GoSave. Pay-per-Install ($1.00-$3.00) to acquire new high-value users.

Brands & advertisers pay to acquire new users and re-target existing users through our in-app ad network.

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