Hypercube Fund

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HYPERCUBE is a platform that integrates business with innovations and simplifies investors access to tools for increasing capital.

— Expertise
Hypercube experts have experience in successful realization of startups and investment projects. Having 20 years of practice, our consultants financed the modernization of 17 large enterprises. The volume of each project is more than $10 million. We involve the best professionals who become a part of the start-up team and help to avoid all the pitfalls.

— High Profitability
The combination of high profitability in blockchain market with the prospects of the best venture companies, leaders in their segment, which create real business projects, allows ensuring of high profitability in the absence of risks, typical for crypto-assets. The market value of projects is growing with the development, regardless of the speculative moods of the crypto-currency market.

— Diversification
Due to preliminary work on selection and formation of the fund’s portfolio, you invest not in a separate project, but in a profi and s asset, minimizing the risks of losing funds with independent investments.

— Automated robot trader with the possibility of manual control
Hypercube Trust service, during using which all attachments are transferred to a cryptocurrency asset. Automated robot trader increases your investments, using the growth of cryptocurrency, even before its use by the startup team. Experienced traders, we have provided the opportunity to use this service in the mode of manual control.

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