i1i2 Inc.

Сайт компании: www.i1i2.com

Striving to the answers — we are creating new and unusual projects.

Researching and developing games, social networks, websites and apps that help stimulate minds and interact with others in ways which have not been thought of, or done before. We will be continuously launching exciting projects, so you will not be bored with us ;)

i1i2 Inc. is headquartered in Dover, Delaware, USA. It has offices in New Delhi, India and Bucharest, Romania. Our website is: www.i1i2.com

Be a part of i1i2, creating a new present...which actually is, the future.

We love and are constantly looking for candidates who think ‘out of the box’. You are welcome to join us if you like a few challenges. We are currently scouting for iOS developer and Android developer.

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