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About us: All of us at Infrascale share a vision. That vision is to provide our partners with industry-leading data protection products, easily managed from a single dashboard. Our goal was to assemble the most comprehensive set of data protection tools available from one vendor.

We’re pleased that we have met that goal and continue to expand the breadth of our services. The strength of this industry-leading Data Protection Platform has allowed Infrascale to grow to a force of more than 1,000 service provider partners, who protect data for more than 250,000 companies.

Infrascale’s Data Protection Platform is the most comprehensive available in the industry. Our technology represents the broadest product line in the industry, covering the most devices and operating systems, all managed from a single interface. Our products protect data both in motion and at rest, and provide a complete all-in-one data protection ecosystem, managed from a single pane of glass.

The Infrascale vision also centers on our valued partners. Our solutions are sold “white labeled” so that our partners can provide them as their own, with their branding. The breadth of our platform reduces or eliminates the need for multiple data protection vendors, helping our partners simplify their product line and training. Infrascale’s platform is designed specifically for partners.

The combination of Infrascale’s industry leading platform coupled with our focus on partner success, position the company to continue our growth and top remain a global leader in the data protection space.

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