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Inoxoft is a focused company on Microsoft and Native Android and IOS technologies. This gives us a benefit to staying on top of the latest advances. Should this be a complicated numerical algorithm, digital signal or image processing, database architecting, desktop or web application — we can deliver a service that will satisfy your needs.

Through continuous collaboration, we help a broad variety of companies to evolve and grow. Our team is well-versed in a mixture of modern technologies, which perfectly coincide with most of the business requirements of our partners. In addition, we cherish strong engineering talent, focusing on growing a smart society. How do clients describe us? Dedication is one of the most appreciative qualities of ours.

Key clients:

A significant share of our customers prefer to keep our cooperation confidential, and we respect their approach. Among the industries, these are Science & Research, Logistics&Transportation, Government, Media, Retail, Wholesale and Recruiting industries.

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