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InSpirito is a fast-growing software development company that focuses mainly on complex business solutions and
Here, in InSpirito, in order to be the most professional in providing our services we do not spread our attention to all technologies we can find clients for but we take and develop projects only on the following technologies:

Backend: .NET, .NET CORE, (ASP.NET) (rarely NodeJS as a secondary technology)
DB: MS SQL, MySQL/MariaDB, Mongo DB
Front End: Angular 2-7, React, Plain Java Script
Mobile development: React Native.
We believe that sharply focusing on only several technologies gives opportunity for our team-members to develop faster and in a more comfor way.
We are looking for talents who love technology and their work among developers, BAs, PMs and QAs.
Our team consists of professionals with 1-18 years of experience. Our Techleads with 10-18 years of experience help our Junior developers to grow and work.

Our main values are:

1. Trust — it is possible only with honest and transparent people. It means that we always tell ALL the truth inside of the company and NEVER lie to clients, coworkers and partners.

2. Fun — we believe that best people deserve to have fun from their work and that it is main driver of our joy in life. We do all we can to make our work the biggest fun! We hire only those who love their work and we help them to keep loving it 😊 Decision of hiring somebody approves the whole team as far as we take care of the team mood

3. Growth and Development — all of our employees have Personal Development Plan (Learning plan) and they are accoun for achieving it. Permanent growth and development is a core of our culture. Our aim is to make the fastest growing, developing and the most professional company in Eastern Europe
4. We care — we care of our planet, country, our city and our company, employees, clients, projects We care about important for us people and things.

5. Success — we are very ambitious and result oriented and in order to get successful we hire best people and we are on our way of building the best company on the market

We are friendly, open-minded, professional, always ready to help and support each other. Hiring only people with our values allowed to create warm, open and friendly atmosphere. And we are always open to people who share our values and are enthusiastic about technologies that makes difference.

We offer:
• Friendly team
• Comfor office in the center of Lviv
• Competitive monthly salary
• Flexible working schedule
• Paid vacation
• Tasty coffee :)
• Interesting projects
• And the most important — joy of working together with your kind of people

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Отзывы компании InSpirito

Працював як .Net Developer. Помітив багато плюсів, серед яких:
* лампова атмосфера
* не колектив, а сім’я
* можливість професійного розвитку
* можливість працювати на реальних проектах із підтримкою кваліфікованого ментора
* достойна заробітна плата
* гнучкий графік
* не знайшов

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