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Intellica is an organization of passionate individuals working with cutting-edge technologies. We believe that our employees are our most valuable assets and we recognize and fulfill the obligations we have towards our people, clients and the community as a whole. We are committed to providing challenging, significant and meaningful opportunities in support of employee growth and development. Exceptional Team and Work Environment: We’re looking for dynamic individuals who aim to create breakthroughs in their field and wish to do remarkable things.Eager to share ideas, work on challenging projects, and really make a difference? At Intellica, you get that opportunity. Our collaborative team environment means everyone works together to solve complex puzzles and develop innovative solutions for our clients. And they do it from the office or their home — anywhere in the world. Apply today and get started on an amazing career.
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працював в компанії 6 місяців, все сподобалось..нарікань немає.Завжди прислухались, входили в положення з гнучким графіком роботи, зп завжди вчасно..проект цікавий, нові технології, вдячний за цей досвід)

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