We provide our clients with a range of services including extended software development teams, outsourcing software development, Quality Assurance, Technical Support, R&D and Big Data.

We do our best for outstanding employees, encouraging them to achieve and to grow through team-building workshops for effective communication, executive coaching and leadership development for team managers, as well as professional training for managers.

The company provides:
-Medical insurance
-Partial payment for the gym
-Professional events
-Bonus salary at the end of the year
-In the office you will find delicious cookies, tea, coffee.

We are always glad to new employees and projects. Join our friendly team. If you’ve got a friend who is all of the above, we’ve got a nice bonus for you!

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Den Lishchuk Automation QA Engineer

18 грудня 2018

Прекрасна компанія, прекрасний дружній колектив, сильний і великий проект, супер начальство! Багато цікавих заходів, лояльність менеджерів, гарний перегляд з.п. + різні бонуси.

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