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We are engineers, designers and creators of innovative software solutions.

We do programming for a living because we love it. Coding and learning new stuff is what gets us out of bed in the morning. The Java™ platform is unequalled in its potential and we know it like the back of our hand and that goes for the Scala language too. This is what we do and we’re good at it.

Our people here like those before at JAVART are carefully chosen. Yes, we are different, but our differences complement each other to form the efficient team that is JAVEO. We are smart, task oriented, agile and yet fun loving. We are great at what we do because we do what we like the best. And we are growing because we are always hungry for new knowledge. Together we can really move mountains.

JAVEO is all about technology. Our experience with the Java™ platform is unrivalled. We’ve built hundreds of applications for IT, the telecommunications industry, financial institutions, the media and the public sector. And we’ve integrated them with a few hundred more systems. Over the years we’ve learned that the most important thing in software projects is getting the job done on time.

We are open minded, open to new ideas, open to new technologies, open to new people, open to talk about what we do and know. We believe in, and often use open source components and in our turn contribute to open source projects. If you like us, that’s great. If you love us and share our values, we hire you.

If you are great and want the best come and work with us! It will be fulfilling and fun!

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