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IT recruiter select candidates for the client company’s desired job requirements and qualifications as well as fit with company culture. JobsUkraine projects is wide — we successfully find candidates and recruit in Ukraine and abroad. IT recruiter is a liaison with the client company and the job candidates over the whole period of the recruitment period and is usually compensated by the hiring employer. Basic requirements put forward for candidates:

Good spoken (upper-intermediate low or higher) English is a must.
Willingness to work and enthusiasm.
Technical skills assessment.

JobsUkraine has the biggest database of IT specialists in western Ukraine. JobsUkraine It recruiter selects the candidate for each IT project on the basis of their skills and knowledge. Personnel screening of IT specialists and recruiting, is a set of processes on search, selection, and organization of recruitment of IT specialists, in order to fill vacancy positions in the company. It recruitment company — JobsUkraine is one of the most reliable and professional companies in Ukraine, the reviews of which demonstrate a solid portfolio and impeccable practice in information technology sector. An indicator of our effectiveness is the successful business of our clients, which is largely based on the professional staff. Our recruiters are experts who can accurately find sui candidates for jobs with the relevant skills and abilities.

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