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K-tronik GmbH is your specialized service provider for all development phases of your electronic systems and components as well as their integration and testing. According to your blueprint, we provide support for all important areas of operation, for all development phases and for all accompanying development processes via well-established development tools and procedures.

Electronics is the key technology in the development of complex technical products.The development of modern electronic systems in automotive, aerospace, radio & communications and medical industries is highly complex. Numerous requirements such as reliability, availability, security, and applicability have to be constantly taken into account in a realistic environment.

Additional factors that play a crucial role, for example, financial pressure, keeping development cycles short and the increasing number of variants call for a highly efficient organization that coordinates all groups involved in development, both internally and externally.

All these factors combined create special requirements which the service provider has to meet not only with professional engineering know-how but also with experience in complementary disciplines such as IT or project management.

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