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KYKLO is the Shopify for B2B distributors and it is taking over the world. Founded end of 2015, KYKLO successfully raised a seed round, built a team of 10 motivated international people and is now growing fast! We are a very friendly, dynamic and international team looking to revolutionize one of the largest industries in the world. B2B might not be the sexiest space, but it is definitely the new black, the new frontier, the new Eldorado for start-ups. Bangkok is just the best city to live in Asia. Silicon valley is over rated, if you enjoy living in a spacious flat with swimming pool, having hundreds of options for cheap and tasty food and travelling South East Asia, then you should move to Bangkok.

Just 3 months after its creation, KYKLO has been chosen as TOP 10 start ups in South East Asia for Echelon Thailand 2015. KYKLO also exhibited at TIA Singapore 2016, Rise conference Hong Kong and Echelon Asia TOP100.

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