LADevelopers Inc.

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LAD represents a fantastic opportunity to become part of an early stage fast paced startup in the explosive industry. Headquartered in Los Angeles.

It’s an international company which is mostly specialized in Startups in on-demand services(Uber for X). We have 5 offices around the world (Los Angeles, Kyiv, Dnipro, Dubai and Toronto) so it’s a great opportunity to try working with an international team. 

Our mission is to build a new industry in order to facilitate access of customers to the services they need. That’s why we are working on varied projects such as a marketplace with a logistic management, mobile vending platform, on-demand vehicle maintenance.

Our exciting projects worth nothing without our amazing team. So we have a strong point of view that the main strengths of LADevelopers are the team atmosphere, passion in everything we do and open-mindness during the working process. We definitely will cope with any difficulties thanks to people we work with!

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