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The World is Digital. We Deliver It.

Limelight Networks Ukraine is a comfor hub for creative minds to develop and deliver solutions and services with a unique approach. Launched in L’viv in 2010 our R&D center has qualitatively grown to 75 enthusiasts working on cutting edge technologies. Since the very first day, we strive to provide a friendly, innovative and simply outstanding working environment.
Limelight Networks, a global leader in digital content delivery, empowers our customers to better engage their global audience on any device.
Led by a vision that organizations will, one day, need to transfer tremendous amounts of data online, Limelight architected its network from the ground up to support the explosion in demand for digital content that we are witnessing today. The result is the world’s largest, most reliable, secure, private content delivery network (CDN). We are currently covering more than 15% of the world’s Internet traffic by means of 80 modern data centers globally. Our infrastructure is uniquely capable of delivering websites, media, software, and other critical data faster, with greater availability.

We are a community of talented and sharp experts designing the world’s largest CDN network to deliver your content to any device. Fastah. Bettah. Wanna join?

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Валерий Галах Automation QA (Wargaming Net.)

03 июля 2018

Дождался) сразу после того как оставил тут комментарий. Совпадение. Hr’ы не идеальные, но очень стараются.

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